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Music Tuition

Belting Ancient Ambient Arabic Middle Eastern Female Vocal Acapella _ Arabian & Middle Eas

Lessons in School

Lessons in schools are a great and convenient way to learn an instrument alongside the national curriculum. We have worked with schools for over 10 years and are able to provide instrumental, workshops, and clubs to students in an individual or group setting. These lessons generally take place during school time and after school. We work with both the school as well as the students to ensure that lessons take place with as little disruption to the school day as possible.

Terms and Conditions

We endeavour to ensure that no core subjects are affected and lessons are scheduled with the school to avoid this from happening. However, occasionally this cannot be avoided and no liability can be held against Bespoke Music Tuition.

Lessons cannot be rescheduled or refunded once the term payment has been made.

A notice period of a term is required should you decide to stop lessons with us. This needs to be sent to us in writing.

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