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About Us

We provide bespoke, private music tuition in a range of creative environments, including; home tuition, lessons in schools, lessons in the workplace, music camps as well as offering online tuition. With many years of experience in the tuition industry, we understand that the needs and requirements of our clients are individual. Our goal is simple; to provide music tuition that inspires progress, sparks creativity and above all, creates an enjoyable learning experience. 

Sourcing the right music tutor can inspire, motivate, and guide you to achieve your musical goals. Whether that be preparing for grades, working towards GCSE/ A level music, studying for higher education, or simply learning for your own enjoyment.


Chloe Van Kat Hooven

Absolutely love classes with Bespoke our tutor Billy really is the best bloke in the world absolute top bit of jimmy fiddle.

Arti Bhagat

Sam is a really nice guy but can never get him to shut up about spurs or golf. Also i don't think he has changed is trousers for the last 16 months.

Jonathon Lenson

Craig is an absolute nightmare hardly turns up and when he does he's constantly on his phone.

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