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Woodwind instruments are played by the use of a single or double reed.

Basson Basson


The Bassoon is a member of the double reed family. This instrument is the largest handheld Woodwind instrument and is usually played by people who have experience on the Clarinet.

Clarinet Clarinet


The Clarinet is played using a single reed. It has been played since the 18th Century and continues to be popular amongst children and adults alike.

Flute Flute


The Flute is in a unique category of Woodwind instrument, as it does not have a reed. This instrument is played in Classical, Jazz and Folk music and is very common amongst marching bands and military music. The Flute is a great instrument for beginners as various sizes mean that almost anyone can play it.

Oboe Oboe


The Oboe along with the Bassoon is part of the Double Reed family. Mainly found in Classical music this instrument is a part of the Bass make up of the Orchestra.

Recorder Recorder


The Recorder is the most popular instrument amongst school children in the UK. It has been apart of the music education syllabus in schools for over 6 decades and is a great introduction to other wind instruments as well as being an accomplished instrument in it’s own right.

Harmonica Harmonica


The Harmonica has been made famous by the Blues and Country scenes of the United States. The wailing tones produced by this handheld instrument represent the struggles of the people who wrote many of the famous Blues songs. It is extremely popular as a secondary instrument due to its size.




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