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From Violin to Double Bass, Stringed instruments offer something for everyone.

Cello Cello


The Cello produces a unique sound amongst the strings family. Capable of producing shattering highs and warm lows; the Cello is extremely popular amongst classical music fans. Bach Cello Suites are a great example of how this instrument can be put through its paces.

Violin Violin


The Violin is by far the most popular instrument amongst classical musicians. Music such as Pachelbel’s Canon demonstrate the beautiful and heart warming melodies capable of being produced on this instrument. This instrument is used in a wide variety of music genres including the Irish Fiddle, Country Violin and Turkish Violin. A great first instrument choice of a beginner musician of any age.

Viola Viola


The Viola is now most commonly found in world music compositions. Turkish, Russian and Irish folk music all use the Viola as one of their main sources of melody.

Harp Harp


The Harp is by far the oldest instrument still played today. It first originated some 5000 years ago. Since its early introduction into music, it has developed in one of the most beautiful sounding instruments used in a variety of musical genres, but is considered to be one of the most difficult instruments to play.

Double Bass Double Bass

Double Bass

This low frequency instrument dominates both the classical world and the Jazz scene. First used in Orchestras, the Double Bass was evolved into an instrument used in the Jazz scene by players such as Paul Chambers. It is a large instrument to play and good physical strength is needed whilst you are learning this instrument.

Bouzouki Bouzouki


The Bouzouki is one of Greece’s most famous musical exports. This unique instrument produces a lower frequency Mandolin sound and is played using a plectrum.

Oud Oud


The Oud is a Middle Eastern instrument used in; Turkish, Kurdish, Greek and Somali Folk Music. This round back instrument is considered to be an ancestor of the guitar.




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