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Many variations of this instrument have delighted musicians for generations. Whether it’s the Electric, Acoustic, Classical or Bass guitar.

Electric guitar Electric guitar

Electric guitar

The Electric Guitar is recognised as one of the most popular instruments in music today. First made famous by players such as Chuck Berry and members of the 1950’s blues circuit, the electric guitar is regarded as one of the most versatile instruments, having been played on every genre of music from blues, reggae, rock, metal and even modern classical music.

Bass Guitar Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar

The Bass Guitar is one of the youngest instruments around. First developed in the 1930’s, But grew in popularity due to players such as James Jamerson, Paul McCartney and Bootsy Collins. Replacing the Double Bass in many pop bands since the 1950’s, the Bass Guitar is generally regarded as the most important instrument in contemporary music today.

Classical guitar Classical guitar

Classical guitar

The Classical Guitar is also one of the most versatile of the non-contemporary instruments. This instrument has been used by Classical, Spanish, Latin and Brazilian Musicians as well as appearing in many popular music pieces. Perfect for any beginner guitarist, due to its low tension and soft strings.

Acoustic guitar Acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitar

This Steel Strung guitar is one of the most popular instruments in music today. The contrasting tones from shimmering brights to heavy bass makes it the all round instrument. Tapping, Plucking, Slapping and even using the body of the guitar as a drum are all techniques used to get the best out of this instrument. This instrument can be heard on most popular music.

Ukulele Ukulele


The Ukulele is fast becoming one of the most popular instruments in the UK. First made popular by George Formby, this unique instrument is a great way to introduce children and adults in instruments.

Banjo Banjo


The Banjo is extremely popular amongst country and bluegrass fans. The bright twang that this instrument produces makes it unique in both the 4 and 5 string variations of the instrument.




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