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Brass instruments come in many different shapes and sizes from the French Horn to the Saxophone.

Cornet Cornet


The Cornet is a Brass instrument used mainly in Military Music. Usually tuned to Bb, the cornet produces a high tone and is usually played by someone with experience on the Trumpet or the Bugle.

Trombone Trombone


The Trombone is a large Brass instrument played by using a slide. You will learn how to develop and maximise your lung capacity whilst learning this instrument. It is commonly found in not only classical music but also in ska and Reggae.

Euphonium Euphonium


The Euphonium takes it’s name from the ancient Greek word Euphonos, meaning sweet voiced. This instrument is played in Orchestras as part of the Brass make up.

Saxaphone Saxaphone


The Saxophone has four different variations. Whilst the Alto and Tenor Saxophone are the most common variations of this instrument, Baritone and Soprano versions occupy either side of the frequency range. Musicians such as Charlie Parker and Ormette Coleman have inspired the next generation of saxophonists.

French Horn French Horn

French Horn

The French horn has over 20 feet of tubing at its disposal. Making it the most compact of all the instruments. Played mainly in Military and Classical Music, this instrument is a great to learn due to it’s unique look and sound.

Trumpet Trumpet


The Trumpet is found in almost any Brass ensemble or section. It is found not only in its traditional Classical home, but has also been developed into an instrument found in almost any genre around the world. From Cuban Latin music, to Jamaican Reggae to British Ska. Used today in the commercial pop world by the likes of Rudimental.




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