Please find below prepared answers to the questions that we get asked most often. If your question is not listed, please use the Get in Touch link in the top right-hand corner and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

How will I know what instrument is right for me?

During the music consultation process, we talk through the skills required for any instrument that you might be interested in learning. You may have a clear understanding of what instrument you wish to learn, however if you are not sure, we will talk through the benefits and difficulties of each instrument to ensure you have all the information to make an informed decision.

How Do I Pay For Lessons?

Lessons are charged in blocks of five or ten. Payment for the lessons is taken in advance and you will receive an invoice via email prior to the lessons commencing. Payment can be made in a number of ways – Bank transfer, over the phone credit card payment using our secure world pay system, or you can post a cheque to our office address – 4 Old Park View, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 7EJ. All methods of payment will be explained during the consultation.

How Do Grades Work?

Almost every instrument allows you to take music grades. Depending on your instrument and style there are several exam boards to choose from. The exams take place over the course of the year in a number of allocated sessions. There are eight grading levels to complete in every syllabus. Music grades work fantastically well for the younger students as they give you a focus and a goal to work towards. All grades after grade 5 carry UCAS points that can be used when applying for higher education or university courses.

Do I need to take grades?

Grades are a fantastic way of allowing you to take a step-by-step process to instrument mastery. However many of our students do not want to take the graded route. Bespoke Music Tuition will tailor make the lessons and your practice program to ensure that the same level of progress is made regardless of whether you decide to take grades or not.

Are your teachers DBS (Formerly CRB Checked)

Bespoke Music Tuition ensures that every teacher has a fully enhanced and up to date DBS check

How much time do I have to practice?

Practicing regularly is a vital part of your on going development. The more time you commit to practice, the better you will become. At Bespoke Music Tuition we understand that some lifestyles dictate how much time can be allocated to regular practice. We work with you and your teacher to create a manageable practice schedule to fit into your current lifestyle. The quality of practice is far more important than the amount of time dedicated to practice.

Are Lessons at home more productive than lessons at school?

Bespoke Music Tuition offers music lessons in schools as well as at the home and or office. However there is no substitute to having an arranged lesson take place in the comfort of your own home. Often lessons in schools are packed in between subjects making it difficult for some people to progress at there capable rate.

How Often Should I Have Lessons?

Most of our clients have one lesson per week. Having weekly lessons, along with your practice routine will enable you to progress at a rate that is comfortable for you. We do have clients who have more than one lesson a week and this can be discussed in your music consultation.

Do Your Teachers Have Qualifications

All Of Our Tutors are professional musicians; there is no substitute for the experience that a professional musician can offer you. Due to the nature of the music business, all of our tutors have been through the grading systems and have higher education qualifications.

What Other Benefits Do Music Lessons Offer?

Being able to play an instrument is a wonderful thing; it not only stimulates your brain, but also acts as a catalyst for creativity and expression. Whether you are learning for your own enjoyment or for academic and career options music offers a release from the pressures of everyday life.




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